Cooking Day Tips for Week Ahead Meal Preparing for Busy Families

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As a family, one of the best ways that if you are busy you can meal plan and stick to it is to spend a day a week cooking and preparing ahead of time.

We’ve shared our top tips to do before cooking day and now wanted to share ours for making your meal preparing day work for you and your family.

Cooking day tips for once a week meal prepparing

So here goes cooking day tips for weekly meal prepping.

Cooking Day Tips for Weekly Meal Prepping

There is no right or wrong way to cooking day, you can prepare all the meals in advance, just the ingredients or how we at Hey Mom! do it we have a mix of both depending on what is on the menu for the week ahead.

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#1 Pre-Cook The Complete Meal

Save a lot of time by preparing the whole meal in advance, things like mac and cheese casserole and cottage pie are ideal for this.

#2 Prepare ingredients

You can save yourself loads of time by cutting your veggies, meat and other ingredients beforehand.

Split them up into portions and then you only need to bring out the portions for that meal to defrost when it’s time for cooking.

#3 Snack Prep

Make sure that snacking is healthy, set aside some of your cooking time to make sure that when the kids get in from school and activities there is a variety of different healthy snacks ready to it.

Raw veg like carrot sticks, cheese cubes, and meats are all great to snack on and if placed in airtight containers then they are ideal for kids and you to just grab and use.

#4 double up your recipes

If you are like use and use your leftovers in the week for meals then why not double up on things.

Our roasts often become a pie or soup in the week. So instead of cooking just one roast we can cook 2 and freeze the leftovers ready-made in batches for the coming weeks as well.

Meal preparing one day a week is such a time saver and helps to ensure that everyone sits down to eat as a family which is so important.

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