Getting Started Once a Week Preparing for Easy Weekday Family Meals

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One of the ways that you can make sticking to your family meal plan easier is to batch cook at the weekend so that ingredients and meals are ready prepared saving time when you have a busy family going everywhere.

As you’ve already created your meal plan for the week, you know what to get out, and dinner will be ready and waiting for you in no time.

ONCE A WEEK MEAL PREP for families tips on getting started

You can either prepare the meals fully for the week ahead or get your ingredients prepped there is no right or wrong just work out what works best for your family.

Hey Mom, does a combination of both! Some meals are easy to reheat others it will be the chopping and prepping that is done ahead of time.


Tip for Getting Started Prepping for Your Family Meal Plan

We’ve been doing this for a while now and wanted to share our weekend meal plan prepping tips with you so that whether you’re just getting started or want to improve on what you do this is what works for us.

Pick A day

Saturday, Sunday or even a weekday pick a day when you can devote yourself to some time in the kitchen.

Meal Plan ahead of time

Before you get started you need to meal plan – check out our guide to starting to meal plan even if you have a busy family.

Head to the Shop

There’s nothing more frustrating than starting to cook and realizing you don’t have all of the ingredients.

So with your meal plan in hand check the cupboards and prepare your list for the store.

You may also want to check any coupons, flyers or the store’s website – this will make budgeting even easier and check it with your meal plan as well.

Now is the time to make some adjustments.

Prepare to Store Your Prepared Food

You’ll need something to store your food in.

Ziploc bags are cheap but they aren’t always reusable instead we have found it’s cheaper in the long run to buy storage containers that we can wash and reuse again and again.

Make Space in the Refrigerator and Freezer

Make sure you have space, move things around and check that you don’t have anything that you need to use up.

Again it’s now the time to make those adjustments to your meal plan.

Check out our top tips for cooking day to ensure your family meal prepping goes smoothly and your meal plan works.

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