Hey there! I’m Cerys, the Mom behind Hey Mom! What’s Cooking?

I’m a Mom of 2 kids now in their teens. Unfortunately, like my partner, they’re both picky eaters but they still need feeding delicious and tasty meals, treats, and snacks.

So what can I say about me to you?

Well, I wasn’t always such a good cook. In fact, way back in the dark ages when I was at school and home economics was a thing. I got to choose options to continue when I was 12 or 13 and it was highly suggested that I shouldn’t continue with the subject as I was that bad!

Even my dad wouldn’t eat and Pops eats EVERYTHING!

refreshing summer salad plate with cubed watermelon and mint with tiny pieces of crumbled feta included

It wasn’t me that was the problem – well maybe it was a little bit. But, you see I like to experiment in the kitchen. I’ve not yet found a recipe that I don’t change as I make it! That lead to all sorts of problems, the tuna pasta bake that Pops and the dog refused to eat. The lemon mousse that ended up all of the bus as it never set. There was just 2 recipes that turned out great a cookie recipe and a delicious meal that I still cook to this day every Christmas Eve (it was that good!).

Oat and Raisin homemade cookies from scratch on a wire wrack cooling.

Fortunately for my kids and partner, I’m now a great cook. I started off sharing the recipes I love to cook with my kids over on Rainy Day Mum and they didn’t just work for me, other’s loved them too!

But, family meal ideas and recipes don’t really work alongside the paint and tadpoles so back at the beginning of 2020 I started Hey Mom! What’s Cooking? And here we are today nearing 200 recipes that I love to cook and hope you do and your family loves them too!

Where to Start on Hey Mom! What’s Cooking?

So where should you start here on Hey Mom! What’s Cooking?

a loaf of white bread made in the bread machine on a wooden board with a green chequered tea towel behind
easy waffle recipe for families to make in the waffle iron

I have 2 “gadgets” in the kitchen that I love to use and regularly write recipes for. A bread machine and a waffle maker!

At one point I actually considered changing the site to Bread and Breakfast Waffles but there’s so much more that we cook as well.

How to Find a Recipe here on Hey Mom! What’s Cooking?

The easiest way to find a recipe to cook is to use the search. You will find one on every single page on the site. Just enter a recipe, ingredient or even a holiday and I’m sure you will be able to find something to cook.

You can also browse through our categories below and pick a recipe you want to try as well.

On the off chance you can’t find a recipe you want to make then head over to our contact form and tell me what you are looking for I love to try new things in the kitchen.

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