Easy Bread Machine Recipes

Looking for easy recipes for your bread maker that the family will love? Then you need to start with these recipes they are so easy to make and taste delicious. From no-yeast garlic and cheese bread to a delicious apple and cinnamon bread great fresh but even better toasted the next day these bread machine recipes are great for beginners or those that love their machines but want to get back to basics.

Easy Bread Machine Recipes for getting started using your machine from Hey Mom What's Cooking

Bread Machine Recipes

With all recipes these are written for our bread maker, some of the machines don’t have all the same features or call them different things.

For example if our recipe says when the beep goes add in the extra ingredient we have heard from our readers that their bread machines don’t have a beep, in this case you just need to add in the extra ingredients around the 30 minute mark.

With that said onto the recipes.

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Basic White Bread

sliced white bread made in the bread machine

Our easy white bread recipe is simple to make, you can throw the ingredients in (in the right order) the night before set the timer (if you machine has this function) and have fresh bread for the day ahead when you wake up. The smell of this as you wake up is amazing.

Bread Machine Dinner Rolls

stack of dinner rolls made in the bread maker

Similar to our white bread recipe above our dinner rolls is another favourite recipe. Using the dough setting the machine takes care of all of the hard work and we get to shape to the size that we want and enjoy. Get your bread machine dinner rolls recipe and bake today.

Yeast-Free Garlic and Cheese Bread Machine Recipe

Cheesy Garlic Bread made in the bread machine on a wooden chopping board

By far our most popular recipe here on Hey Mom! What’s Cooking our no-yeast garlic and cheese bread in the bread maker is easy to make and perfect for serving with family meals any day of the week.

Cheese Filled Bread Sticks

hand pulling apart a homemade cheese stuffed bread stick on a stack of them

Another recipe that is the kids favourite is our cheese stuffed bread sticks. Like the dinner rolls above this uses the dough setting and is filled with delicious melted cheese.

Apple and Cinnamon Raisin Bread

slice of apple and raisin bread on a white plate ready for butter to be spread on the top

Apples and cinnamons are one of our favourite combinations and this recipe for the bread maker is the perfect combination of the two. Add in the raisins and it’s great served warm from the machine or if you still have some a day later toast it and spread with lashings of butter for a delicious breakfast or mid-morning treat. Get your Apple and Cinnamon Raisin Bread Recipe here.

Bacon and Cheese Bread

artisan bacon and cheddar bread sliced and presented on a wooden chopping board ready to spread with butter

How about making a delicious loaf of artisan bacon and cheese bread. With a melted cheese and bacon crust. This easy bread maker recipe for Bacon and Cheddar bread is delicious and great for dinner.

Burger Buns

a tray of homemade burger buns cooling

We love a burger night here in the Hey Mom! house and whenever we do I love making burger buns in the bread machine. They are really simple and easy to do and the kids love them.

Bread Maker Pizza Dough

homemade pizza with the dough made in the bread machine

Friday night is pizza night and if we don’t order in then I like to make my own pizza dough. But seriously who has time for doing it all by hand on a Friday! Not me instead I throw the ingredients into the bread maker and make our own. So here you go if you want delicious homemade pizza dough then you’ve got to try this bread machine pizza dough recipe.

Pumpkin Bread

baked pumpkin bread in the pan of the bread machine

Is it even fall if we don’t make pumpkin bread? This recipe is really simple and what’s even better is that the bread maker does all the mixing for you! So here you go enjoy some homemade pumpkin bread from your bread maker.

Easter Bread

A round Easter bread with dyed eggs baked in on a wooden chopping board with a colourful spring fabric underneath

A speciality bread that is so beautiful and easy to make in the bread machine. Using the dough setting you can create this colourful Easter Bread perfect for your Easter Sunday Celebrations.

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