20+ Delicious Easy Appetisers for your Family Friendly New Year’s Eve Party

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For a New Year’s Eve party, you don’t necessarily want a sit-down feast so easy appetisers that you can put together, set out and share with family and friends are ideal. These suggestions for appetizers are perfect as there is a mix of ones that your meat-loving friends will enjoy as well as your Veggie friends too.

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We love a good buffet, it’s easy to set up and clear up which is always a bonus and people can help themselves as well.

Check out our suggestions below.

collage of new years eve appetizers for a family friendly feast

Get ahead and plan your New Year’s Day Family Dinner with our 10 traditional dishes from around the world.

Easy Appetizers for New Year's Eve Buffets and Parties

Over 20 delicious and easy appetisers ideal for your New Year's Eve party, prepare ahead of time and enjoy this selection of party foods.

More Appetizer Ideas

Looking for something lighter then check out our dips, salsas, and chips which although great in summer also work really well for New Year’s Eve too.

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