Seasonal Ingredients for April

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After enjoying assorted seasonal fruits and vegetables during the month of March, you should know which ingredients you will have easy access to in April. With plenty of great choices in season, you should have no problem putting plenty of flavorful meals together for yourself and the family.

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Fruit- Seasonal Cooking for April

seasonal fruit in april, delicious and juicy fresh grapefruits

Grapefruit – If you have been waiting in anticipation for this wholesome fruit, you are in luck. Grapefruit becomes readily available in April and is often included in fruit and vegetable boxes.

The tart taste of the grapefruit may be something you crave when you want to make fresh grapefruit juice, muffins, or salads.

a slice of papaya ready to deseed and chop and easy fruit for eating that ripens and arrives in the store in April

Papayas – Papayas are at their very best in April. If you enjoy the creamy texture and sweet taste of this fruit, you have something to look forward to! You can add chunks of papaya to salsa, roast them, or even make sweet treats with the fruit.

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women's hands holding a full punnet of red ripe strawberries from the farm shop bought at the end of April.

It is also common for strawberries to be in season at the end of April so keep an eye out in the stores.

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Vegetables – Seasonal Cooking for April

As soon as April arrives, it is time to get excited over the Spring vegetables that begin to make an appearance. You can do so much with these wholesome vegetables, making April the perfect month to receive a vegetable box each week.

a farmer holding freshly picked and washed asparagus

Asparagus – It was in season in March and continues to be available throughout the month of April.

If you like asparagus, you can find it with ease. Grill it, roast it, and even wrap it in bacon if you want to. Not only does it taste fresh and delicious, but it is also naturally good for you.

4 artichokes on a wooden chopping board in the kitchen with a knife beside ready to cook with

Artichokes – Prepare fresh artichokes or make a tasty spinach and artichoke salad in April when artichokes reach their peak. Because they are readily available, you can even get them at lower prices to save money.

collection of colourful freshly picked carrots on a surface ready for taking to the kitchen for cooking
brunch of fresh washed raddished on a granite worktop
pile of spring onions with the ends on set on a wooden work top ready for cooking with in April and throughout the summer

Some additional vegetables that start to make their appearance in April include young carrots, spring radishes, and spring onions.

Favourite April Recipes

bowl of lamb stew with carrots and potatoes sitting on a white table with the corner of an orange and white checked tea towel seen in the corner.
egg salad recipe for Easter appetizers and brunch
12 delicious different hot cross bun recipes for easter baking

Use up the last of the root vegetables with an Easter Lamb Stew perfect for either leftover lamb or lamb shoulder from the butchers.

With Easter falling in April this year why not make an egg salad perfect for a lighter lunch or brunch.

Another Easter favourite to enjoy throughout April delicious home-baked hot cross buns. Check out our favourite hot cross bun recipes and decide which is your favourite of them too!

What to cook with in April from Hey mom Whats cooking

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