Seasonal Ingredients for March

The seasons are ticking over and it’s time for Spring to start – I personally can’t wait to get out and pick the first crops from the garden but as we’ve only just started off some seeds we’ve got a while to go yet. It’s still possible to get food in season which means it’s slightly cheaper and fresher as well. Last month I shared February’s Seasonal Food so today I’m sharing what you should be buying in March to save money and eat fresh. We couldn’t do the month of March without two ingredients – Eggs and Lamb. Eggs whether they come from chicken kind of the chocolate variety are perfect for spring. So here you go our guide to eating with seasonal ingredients in March.

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Vegetables – Seasonal Cooking for March

Our biggest hit this month is Asparagus – it’s fresh straight from the fields in our case as we live in an area where it’s grown and also as I discovered at the weekend an excellent source of protein ideal for my kids that really don’t like meat or dairy.

Brocoli is also still fresh this year – it’s the last month that it will be fresh as the weather warms up it’s time for a new growing season for it to start. Why not make out slow cooker spicy beef and broccoli with some this month.

Beef and broccoli an easy recipe for cooking in March with the last of the in season broccoli

The same applies to Brussel Sprouts which are nearing the end of the harvest but still in season and one of the vegetables that you will find cheaper at this time of the year.

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Chard and Kale are just fresh and good value – with colourful varieties it’s good to add a little rainbow cooking to your plate.

Lettuce some of the farmers markets and supermarkets will start to have fresh locally grown lettuce by the end of the month –¬†we see a switch in our eating habits as the lettuce gets fresher from eating cooked vegetables with our main meals to have salads. The lettuce is grown indoors but by the middle of next month some of it will be outside and our own cut and grow again lettuce will be providing us with meals from inside the greenhouse.

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Fruit – Seasonal Cooking for March

Imported fruit is starting to arrive in the shops – whether from Europe or further away – avocadoslemons, grapefruits and tangerines are all in starting to arrive in the stores and farmers markets.

Rhubarb is now at it’s cheapest with forced at the beginning of the month and those picked straight from the plant by the end of the month and into April.

freshly picked rhubarb on a table

Check out our selection of favourite rhubarb recipes to use up the forced and fresh rhubarb now available in your supermarkets.

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