Seasonal Ingredients for February

One of the best ways to save money when you cook for the family on a meal plan is to cook with seasonal ingredients. If like us you have a vegetable box you may find that these are the most common ingredients for the month. So here are some seasonal ingredients to cook with during the month of February.

What to cook with that is fresh in February in February

Fruit – Seasonal Cooking for February

freshly picked rhubarb on a table

Forced Rhubarb – although generally available in the spring you can get Fresh Rhubarb in February although it has been forced. We force our own in the garden under a large black pot it’s still homegrown and tastes as delicious as ever but just a little earlier in the season.

It’s also paler pink and even sweeter and perfect in desserts, cakes and crumbles.

Look at what you can cook with your fresh rhubarb! Discover our family favourite Rhubarb Recipes to try from this month on with the rhubarb that is in season.

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Citrus Fruits – the clementine, Seville orange and the extra sweet satsuma season is finished but there are still Blood OrangesĀ that are in season in February.

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Vegetables – Seasonal Cooking for February

At their freshest in February are Leeks and Savoy Cabbages but there are plenty more vegetables that make the list.

Check out our meat free soup recipes for some that include delicious Leeks

Kale, Purple Sprouting Broccoli, Cauliflower and the end of the season for Brussel Sprouts.

Looking for next month – check out what is in season in March to cook with next.

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