A Dozen Hot Cross Bun Recipes for Easter Baking

Nothing quite says Easter to me than eating a delicious hot cross bun.

Whether it’s served hot or cold and covered in butter it’s got to be made.

They are surprisingly easy to make and taste delicious so get ready to try these Hot Cross Bun Recipes for some Easter Baking this year.

a dozen recipes for hot cross buns

12 Hot Cross Bun Recipes for Easter Baking

A dozen delicious Hot Cross Bun Recipes that can't be missed, these mouth-watering recipes will be a delicious treat on Easter Morning.

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simple diy easter hot chocolate bomb with pink and yellow drizzled chocolate and spring flowers on top in a yellow cupcake case on a wooden table
Delicious Easter Blondie bars with chocolate chips and Cadbury's mini-Eggs
cute cupcakes with a orange candy coated strawberry for a carrot stuck in chocolate buttercream frosting with a sprinkle of chocolate cookie crumbs to look like a carrot patch ideal for easter parties and treats
stack of carrot cake waffles with whipped cinnamon butter on top sprinkled with walnuts and raisins. someone from above is pouring maple syrup on top from a height. All on a white wooden table with a tea towel behind.
Easter Cross Buns

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