Simple and Easy Cookie Recipes

Cookies are a favourite family treat for my kids. Whether it’s as a mid morning snack to keep them going till lunch or afterschool before the homework starts there’s never not a good time to enjoy. From simple no-chill sugar cookies to our favourite’s for holiday I’m sharing all of the simple and easy cookie recipes that I cook with you. Check out these delicious cookies below.

collage of some simple cookies including no-chill sugar cookies, chocolate chip, red velvet, rainbow and tombstone cookies from Hey Mom! What's Cooking's recipe archive

Basic Cookie Recipes

Easy and simple are where we are at – I don’t want complicated cookies most of the time so ones that can be made with not much fuss and taste and look great are the ones that I tend to make time and time again. Here’s the basic cookie recipes that I enjoy making for the family.

No-Chill Sugar Cookie

a plate of frosted sugar cookies with a straw in front and a bottle of milk behind

Probably the easiest cookie to make these no-chill sugar cookies are perfect for afterschool snacks or for special occasions. They do spread so these won’t be any good with your cookie cutters but I’ll share my recipe for those later!

Chocolate Chip Cookies

chocolate chip cookies shown from the top on a plate with sprinkles of chocolate chips around on the wooden table top.

No frosting needed on these cookies – my absolutely favourite to make these simple chocolate chip cookies are ideal for those starting to learn to cook from scratch or like me a busy mom that just wants to know what all the ingredients are in the cookies that she shares with the kids.

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Easy Oat and Raisin Cookies

Oat and Raisin homemade cookies from scratch on a wire wrack cooling.

A delicious and tasty oat and raisin cookies recipe. Soft and chewy cookies, packed with sweet raisins and oats are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Keep this recipe handy as it fills up the kids bellies and they will want more and more of them.

Pinterest image for Simple Cookie Recipes with a plate of easy to make chocolate chip cookies above text reading Simple Cookie Recipes

Holiday Cookies

Of course, one of the best things are the special cookies that we share during the holidays, from Valentine’s through to Christmas there are plenty of holidays where a tray of cookies is the perfect easy treat for everyone to dig into. Here are some of my favourite holiday cookie recipes that I make year after year.

Valentine’s Cookies

pile of cookies for valentines day made with red velvet cake mix

When time is short this is the cookie I make for Valentine’s. These red velvet cookies are simple (in fact I cheat!) and so easy to make. They look spectacular as well and everyone loves to taste them.

St Patrick’s Day Cookies

a plate stacked with St Patrick's Day Cookies. Colourful rainbows with straws, milk and a spatula beside

When you think of St Patrick’s Day rainbows come to mind and these colourful rainbow cookies are ideal for St Patrick’s Day. Easy to make – but they do take a little bit of time to ensure that the colours stay separated. But the time is well worth it don’t you think!

Easter Cookies

A plate of pink decorated easter egg shapped sugar cookies with round sugar balls on top on an easter themed table

Ever so simple these almond-flavoured no-chill Easter sugar cookies are shaped like Easter Eggs and then decorated with a sugar glaze and sprinkles. A very easy cookie to make for those Easter Baskets.

4th of July Cookies

A stack of independence day cookies with some single cookies around. The cookies are coated in red, white and blue sprinkles and in the background you can see a bottle of milk

When it’s busy but you want a delicious treat for your 4th of July BBQ or picnic these simple-to-make Patriotic Cookies are great.

Halloween Cookies

set of 6 homemade halloween cookies

By far the most complicated cookies I make (maybe a reflection that Halloween is one of my favourite holidays) these Tombstone Cookies take a while to decorate but the recipe for the cookie is ever so simple. These are great for any Halloween party you may have.

Collage of some of the simple and easy Cookie recipes for a Pinterest Graphic

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