Easy Celeriac Recipes

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You are going to love these creative celeriac recipes – give one a try today!

Do you ever cook with Celeriac? If you haven’t tried it before, or maybe you’ve come across this root vegetable in your vegetable box but not sure how to cook with it, you will definitely want to read on to find some fantastic recipes with Celeriac.

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What is Celeriac?

The name Celeriac might sound familiar – it is in the same family as the Celery plant.  In fact, Celeriac is also called celery root and it is a great root vegetable to cook with! 

a celeriac rooot with green top on a wooden table with a knife beside ready to be chopped up

Celeriac, or celery root as call it, is a large round root bulb that grows at the base of the celery plant.  Celeriac you will find has a slightly nutty and light celery flavor.

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As it’s a root vegetable and is found throughout the autumn and winter the best time to pick it up is from September to April – check out what else is in season with our seasonal ingredients guides.

How to do you prepare Celeriac for cooking?

Since celeriac is a root vegetable it is covered in a very tough skin with many smaller root pieces on the bottom – you will need to prepare the celeriac prior to cooking. 

Celeriac root bottom upside down to the back right of a wooden chopping board to the back left is a peel celeriac root and in the middle with a knife laying on top is a chopped cubes of celeriac

To begin preparing your celeriac, or celery root, you will first want to slice off the top and bottom so that it is stable on your work surface.  Next, you will need to slice down the sides to remove all of the skin.  Give it a quick wash to make sure you remove all of the dirt and then your celeriac is prepared and ready to cook.

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Delicious and Easy Celeriac Recipes

A collection of the easiest and tastiest celeriac recipes you will want to cook again and again.

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Easy Recipes What to Cook with Celeriac Root from Hey mom Whats Cooking

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