Seasonal Cooking for June

As it gets close to the end of spring and the start of summer, you can expect to see a new variety of fruits and vegetables available in any fruit and veggie boxes that you might get. Some fruits and vegetables thrive at the beginning of the summer when it is relatively warm.

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Fruit – Seasonal Cooking for June

June is a fruit-heavy month compared to several other months throughout the year. Fruit lovers can rejoice at all the great selections offered this month.

slices of canataloupe melon with seeds removed on a wooden chopping board. Mint is placed as a garnish on the melon

Cantaloupe – Cantaloupe is the perfect melon to enjoy as the summer approaches. Eating it can help to keep you hydrated on those hot days when you need a refresher. You can also prepare different recipes using cantaloupe as a key ingredient, such as sorbet, cantaloupe loaf, and fruit salad.

a pile of kiwi fruit some of them are whole with skins on others have been cut in half and quarters to show the fresh green flesh inside all on a wooden work top

Kiwi – Kiwi is a fruit that is not always easy to find. However, you may find kiwi with ease in June when it is at its peak. You can peel the skin and eat them as is or add them to different recipes, such as kiwi quick bread, smoothies, and oatmeal breakfast bowls. The slightly tart taste of the kiwi goes great with other fruits.

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a pile of peaches with leaves on ready to eat in june fresh from the farmers market

Peaches – There is nothing quite as enjoyable as biting into a fresh peach. If you love peaches, you are in luck because June is the perfect month to get them. Eat them fresh, add them to fruit salad, or use them to prepare different treats, such as peach cobbler and peach crumb bars.

collage of some of the other fruit available fresh in june from your farmers market. Top image show apricots, then below is a collage with blueberries, cherries, strawberries and slices of watermelon

Other in-season fruits available in June include blueberries, apricots, watermelon, cherries, and strawberries. With quite the selection available, you can expect to have a variation of fresh options available to you.

Vegetables – Seasonal Cooking for June

Although June is a fruit-heavy month, there are still some vegetables that are in season during the month of June.

bundles of colourful swiss chard and rainbow chard ready to cook with in June

Swiss Chard – When you need a leafy green, you can expect to find plenty of Swiss chard available in June. It is tender and has a slightly bitter taste to it. You can add it to fresh salads with other ingredients or saute it with oil, vinegar, and garlic to create the perfect side dish.

6 zucchinis on a wooden work top with slices of the zucchini beside it

Zucchini – Although it becomes readily available in May, zucchini is still easy to find in June. It is a great summer vegetable to eat because it is refreshing and has a mild flavor to it that goes with many other foods.

June is a great time to get plenty of different fruits. Your fruit and veggie boxes may contain more fruits than vegetables this month because of all the fruits that reach their peak at the beginning of the month.

Recipes to Cook in June

delicious blueberry waffles ready for breakfast with a knob of butter on top
plate of bacon and chicken pasta with broccoli on a plate with a pepper pot behind and tea towel
slice of blueberry crumble cake on a white plate with fresh blueberries around it. In front there is a red cloth and behind a colour cake pan as well as a sugar container

With fresh blueberries you can’t go wrong making some delicious blueberry waffles for breakfast or dessert for the kids.

A bit of a lighter meal our chicken and bacon ranch pasta is ideal for June as the weather warms up.

With the fresh blueberries it’s time to make a delicious blueberry crumb coffee cake. This is my go to summer cake for when we have friends over.

pinnable image of what to cook with in june

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