Seasonal Cooking for May

If you enjoyed the fresh and flavorful fruits and vegetables that were available in April, you will look forward to what is available in May. As the weather starts getting warmer in many areas across the country, certain types of produce become readily available.

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Fruit – Seasonal Cooking for May

The month of May is the perfect time of year for fruit lovers. Many tasty and fresh fruits become available.

ripe red cherries in their plastic punnets at the farmers market in may

Cherries – While you can buy cherries in a jar all year long, they are nothing like fresh cherries when it comes to taste and texture. You may suddenly start to notice a surplus of different types of cherries, including Bing, Rainier, and Tieton cherries. You can add these to fruit salad, baked goods, and some of your favorite beverages for a tart taste.

sliced pineapple in the centre of the image on a wooden chopping board, around the edge are 3 further pineapples plus the top of the chopped up on.

Pineapples – If you love the sweet and slightly tart taste of pineapple, you should know that this fruit is at its best throughout the month of May. It is the perfect time to start making some of your favorite dishes, such as pineapple fried rice, sticky pineapple chicken, and even pineapple upside down cake.

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2 mangos on a wooden table. One is whole, in front there is a half a mango and right at the front a mango chopped and spread like a hedgehog

Mangoes – It is not uncommon to find mangoes in a fruit and vegetable box in May. The fruit grows exceptionally well in sunlight and warmer weather. If you want to use a fruit that contains plenty of vitamins and nutrients while potentially improving your digestive health, you can start using mangoes in different meals. Mangoes are great for smoothies, but there are lots of other recipes that include this tasty fruit, such as mango salsa and mango mousse.

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Vegetables – Seasonal Cooking for May

While many fruits start making an appearance in May, there are also plenty of vegetables that are at their peak in May.

6 zucchinis on a wooden work top with slices of the zucchini beside it

Zucchini/Courgette – May is the perfect time of the year to start using zucchini in some of your favorite recipes. You can do so much with this versatile vegetable. Cut it into strips and bake it, use a spiralizer to make zoodles, or even bake sweet breads with pieces of zucchini and raisins.

a basket of freshly picked peas in may ready to cook with and make sides and salads

Spring Peas – If you enjoy peas, you will look forward to May when spring peas become available. These peas are the perfect addition to soups and salads, but you can use them in dozens of other recipes as well. You might even want to combine them with any spring onions that you have leftover from April to create the perfect veggie mix to eat as a side dish.

brunch of fresh washed raddished on a granite worktop
4 artichoke hearts on the kitchen table with a knife ready to be prepared to cook
a farm holding asparagus stems in the field that he has picked

You may also notice a few other vegetables that are still available in May, including radishes, artichokes, and asparagus.

Recipes to Cook in May

a slice of upside down cherry cake with whipped cream and a fresh cherry on top and garnished with mint on a white plate infront of a cake stand with the remaining cake on top of a blue table cloth
grilled corn on the cob salad in a bowl with lettuce, tomatoes and sweet pepper with a honey mustard dressing being poured over the top
homemade brownie ice cream waffle sandwiches on a white plate with red polka dots

Our delicious upside-down cherry cake is a favourite in May. Grab the cherries from the farmers market and make it fresh.

As the weather warms up it’s time to think of heading outside to cook this grilled corn salad is perfect for a summer side salad.

Make-ahead and keep some in the freezer our brownie ice cream sandwiches are the best bit of summer according to the kids!

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