Fun Breakfast Ideas for Kids for School Day Mornings

There is no doubt that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, without your kids are unfocused, hangry and their brain just doesn’t work as well. As we gear up for a new school year, I wanted to share some of the Non-Cereal breakfast ideas that we have been trying with our kids. These Simple and Easy to make breakfasts are perfect for providing your kids with enough energy to last through to break or lunch time. And they will also fill you up too.

So here we go some breakfast ideas for school days that kids will love.

family having breakfast with text reading 30+ breakfast ideas families will love

Our mornings start early here – 6am is consider a lie in and when the kids are still asleep at 6:30 it’s a minor miracle in our household.

We’ve adapted but the kids at school for long days having a breakfast that keeps them filled up for the morning until snack time (sometime around 10) is essential.

Whereas when they were toddlers cereal was a great food for them they have steadily gone off eating cereal and now most mornings when I am in a rush they end up with toast or some yoghurt.

It’s not exactly filling them up and keeping them going and ready to learn for the day so we’re changing things up and I’m sharing my breakfast ideas to inspire you as well making sure that your kids have the fuel that they need to last the day at school.

Whether you use these recipes as easy breakfast ideas for kids to make or for you to make for your kids there are plenty of ideas and inspiration to get their day started off great.

Fun Breakfast Ideas for Kids

So Hey Mom! What are these fun breakfast ideas for kids that we can easily make? Well here you go I hope your love them as much as we have enjoyed trying them out.

Cooked Breakfast Ideas for Kids

Start off the week with some creamy scrambled Eggs from Brokeass Gourmet and toast, add extra’s into your scrambled eggs to make it even more tasty – I loved adding chopped fresh tomatoes and onions into mine when I lived in Costa Rica really adds a little extra to your breakfast.

My favourite though was my staple breakfast in Costa Rica – Gallo Pinto – it’s easy to prep ahead and after trying this delicious authentic Cuisine you will want to visit the country.

A totally English treat Crumpets – they are deliciously doughy and smothered in butter and honey are one of my favourite breakfast treats – we’re swapping the honey for some jam and I’m going to give a go at making some using this delicious recipe from Julie Takes Photos.

collage of breakfast ideas that kids will love

Pancakes for Breakfast

Whether you make plain pancakes or get adventurous like these gorgeous Cinnamon Bun Pancakes from Baked Bree pancakes are a fun breakfast for your kids – served with fruit and yogurt you add some healthy options in the mix as well.

chocolate chip pancake muffin held in a hand ready to be given to the kids for easy breakfasts

Even easier to make our chocolate chip pancake muffins are amazing! And so simple to make.

Other Pancake Recipes to Try

Weekend Breakfast Recipes the Family will Love!

collage of delicious breakfast recipes for families to enjoy

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French Toast Variations to make for Breakfast

A camp food for me, but why not bring some French Toast (or Eggy Bread) into a regular breakfast it brings back so many memories of sitting outside tents eating breakfast on my lap before going off for the day.

slow cooker french toast casserole for sleepover breakfasts

Why not try our make ahead overnight slow cooker blueberry french toast casserole. It's delicious and as you make it the night before you can guarantee that the kids will wake up to the delicious smell and want to eat it all up.

Porridge/Oatmeal the Breakfast of Champions

Back to traditional warming breakfast of porridge oats, we're big fans of Goldilocks and the 3 bears and having porridge we pretend we are Goldilocks trying each of them to see which we prefer each time. I love this recipe from BBC Good Food for perfect porridge.

Try some of these other Oatmeal/Porridge Variations

instant pot porridge in a rustic bowl

Our Instant Pot is becoming a favourite breakfast gadget for us and this instant pot maple, pumpkin and pecan oatmeal recipe is fantastic for warming us up on a school morning before catching the bus.

Really Quick Breakfast Ideas for Kids

Time is of the essence some mornings and these healthy breakfast ideas for school are quick and easy to make.

Still, one of my favourite summers breakfasts Greek yoghurt with sliced fruit and drizzled with honey - I remember sitting on a beach in Greece and eating it for the first time and loved it ever since you can make it your own with added extras like this recipe.

Looking for even more ideas - then give these Smoothies and other Quick Breakfast Ideas for Kids a try - the kids will love them

Overnight, Muffins and Slow Cooker Breakfast Ideas for Time Savers and Busy Moms

Save a little time and use your slow cooker or crock pot, or even some old jars and create some delicious breakfast ideas. Muffins are another favourite - make ahead, freeze if you can remember and then get out, heat up and enjoy when you are ready.

Strawberry Muffins

Blueberry and Lemon Muffins


Lemon Meringue Pie Overnight Oats from Tiny Tummy Tales

Cheesy Slow Cooker Hash Brown Casserole from The Chaos and The Clutter

Pancake Muffins from Penny Pincher Jenny

Apple and Cinnamon Breakfast Muffins - check out the top tip for serving them warm every day at the end.

bacon and egg breakfast

Bacon and Cheese Eggy Pockets

Slow Cooker Baked Apples from Health Home and Happiness

Stuffed Overnight French Toast Casserole from Living Sweet Moments

Crunchy Quinoa Granola from Tiny Tummy Tales

No-Bake 'In a Pinch' Grain-Free Breakfast Cookies from Health Home and Happiness

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