Easy Christmas Fudge Recipes

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Christmas is a time for Fudge, it’s super sweet (especially the white chocolate one) and tastes delicious but who has lots of time on their hands. That’s why our easy fudge recipes are the way to go. From Irish Cream to Oreos there are so many different flavors and styles we hope you enjoy baking some of the simple and easy fudge recipes for Christmas.

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What is easy fudge?

Easy fudge isn’t like the one that your grandma made that needed a sugar thermometer to make it. Instead, these can be made in the microwave, crockpot, stove-top in a double broiler or straight in the pan.

adding chopped pecans to the Baileys Fudge made on the stove an easy Christmas Recipe for you to make

They are just so simple to make. The secret is the use of sweetened condensed milk in most of these recipes but not all so you’ll need to have a look and see what you think.

Gifting Fudge for Christmas

Fudge makes an ideal edible gift for friends, family and neighbours you can even use it for the local cookie exchange it’s that good.

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a platter of chocolate orange fudge squares with Christmas greenery behind

Just prepare it ahead of time, most of the recipes need to set over night before cutting into cubes. Then cut, and either place into a gift bag or box and give to other this holiday.

salted caramel fudge

How to Make Easy Fudge?

Well, what we are waiting for let’s make these easy fudge recipes – remember to save the ones that you like the best so that you can come back and make them another time!

Easy Christmas Fudge Recipes

A pick of the best and easiest Christmas fudge recipes you can make for friends, family and neighbours (and you) to enjoy this holiday season.

Don’t Forget to Save these Fudge Recipes for Christmas to Make Again Next Year

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