Family Pasta Meal Ideas

Whether it’s a mac and cheese or a quick and easy lasagna these tasty pasta recipes are perfect for the whole family to enjoy. Simple, home-cooked recipes that kids and adults alike will love, filling their bellies whilst you spend time around the table. So here you go our family-friendly pasta dinner recipes that everyone can enjoy!

Collage of 5 pasta recipes ideal for families, chicken carbonara, ravioli lasagna, beef cannelloni, feta and tomato pasta and a easy homemade tomato and meat sauce

Recipes for Pasta Family Meals

Dinner time in our house is the one time of the day we all sit together screens away and have time to talk. Now the kids are teens it’s these moments I can catch up on what’s been going on in school or with friends. Providing delicious food at this time means that there is a good chance that they will spend a little longer around the table so we can chat more about what is going on in their lives.

collage of 4 family meals ideas with pasta that are simple and easy to make, ravioli lasagna, chicken carbonara, beef cannelloni and a basic tomato and meat pasta sauce

Some days I’ve got time to cook and like to prepare a real feast – other days I’m rushing around getting kids to different places and we’re grabbing a lighter meal.

These recipes have been tried and tested in my kitchen at home and are some of our favourites check them out below and remember to save the ones that you like the best to feed your family too!

Check out our tips on cooking the perfect pasta to help you get it just right.

Pasta Meals for Families

Pasta is one of the go-to dishes I love how versatile it is. From a simple bolognese to chicken carbonara you’ll find it on our weekly menu a few times in different forms.

Quick and Easy Ravioli Lasagna

digging into a pipping hot lasagna made with ravioli instead of flat pasta sheets

Simple and quick this lasagna made with ravioli is ready to eat in just 35 minutes – but as it’s made in individual dishes if someone’s running late home from work or an activity it can be put in to bake when they get home.

Chicken Carbonara

chicken carbonara with smoked bacon served with spaghetti

With a creamy sauce, this whole-breast chicken carbonara with spaghetti is easy to make and the smokey bacon makes it delicious. A really simple mid-week family meal that fills everyone up.

Beef and Ricotta Cannelloni

two cannelloni tubes stuffed with a homemade beef and tomato sauce. Covered in melted cheese on a rough wooden table with a fork beside.

Taking a little more time than the two recipes before this beef cannelloni with ricotta cheese is simply delicious just give yourself a little more time to make it!

Baked Feta and Plum Tomatoes Pasta

tik tok like baked feta pasta on a blue plate ready for dinner

A lighter dish in fact one that I tend to make in the summer more than on cooler days is this baked feta and baby plum tomato pasta. Here it’s made with farfalle noodles but you could switch this out for any other type of pasta you wanted.

Sausage and Bean Pasta Casserole

close up of a plate of sausage and bean pasta with a creamy sauce on a wooden table

Sausage and bean pasta is a simple-to-make dish that is great for colder evenings and the beans mean that you can spread out the sausage a little more.

Easy Tomato and Meat Pasta Sauce

tomato and meat pasta sauce

Probably the most cooked meal in our house is a basic tomato and meat pasta sauce served with some spaghetti or any other pasta noodle we have available. I make this is a large batch and then freeze to bring out when time is short.

Beef Goulash with Elbow Pasta Noodles

one pot meal beef goulash with macaroni noodles

One of the most popular recipes here on Hey Mom! What’s Cooking is our one-pot beef goulash with noodles. It’s easy to make and really fills you up.

Pasta Bake with Homemade Meatballs

pasta bake with meatballs on a red plate with the casserole dish behind ready to be served

Another firm favorite is this pasta bake with homemade meatballs. If you’ve never made your own meatballs they are so easy to make and you really should give them a try.

Mac and Cheese

close up of mac and cheese casserole

I couldn’t share our favorite pasta recipes for families without a simple and easy Mac and cheese. Pure comfort food in a bowl and easy to make! You can ditch the boxes and create your own.

Chicken and Bacon Ranch Pasta Salad

chicken and bacon pasta salad with ranch seasoning

Another lighter option this chicken and bacon ranch pasta salad is great for springtime and early summer.

Leftover Turkey Tortellini Soup

top down view of a leftover turkey soup with cheese tortellini in a bowl with a spoon in on a table with a navy towel behind

My leftover Tortellini Turkey Soup recipe is great for after Thanksgiving or Christmas – but did you know it works just as well with leftover roast chicken as it does with turkey! So versatile and taste delicious.

Leftover Turkey Pasta Bake

casserole dish of leftover turkey terrazini

Another recipe for leftover turkey this Turkey Pasta Bake or Terrazini is so yummy. Again, you don’t have to make it with turkey you can use chicken as well! Perfect for using up any leftover roast chicken in the week.

Greek Pasta Salad

A bowl of delicious Greek Pasta Salad ready to serve to the family.

Perfect as a side or a lighter family meal this delicious Greek Pasta Salad is one of my go-to summer recipes. I love the feta and olives in it and the balsamic dressing is delicious.

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