Easter Recipes for the Family

Whenever you get together for Easter with the family food is sure to be involved and we’ve put together our favourite recipe for Easter that you and your family can enjoy so check out these simple and easy ideas.

Collage of 5 delicious easy Easter Recipes for families from Hey mom! What's Cooking? Including Easter Bread in the bread machine, carrot cake waffles, mini egg cake bar and blondies and a cute little carrot cupcake

Easter Recipes

Easter for us is made extra special by seeing family. In England we have Good Friday and Easter Monday as Bank Holidays so an extra long weekend and the kids have 2 weeks off school.

So getting together with our extended family normally happens, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins we try and see everyone. And food makes up a big part of our celebrations. Whether it’s Easter Sunday breakfast with the kids and grandparents to people popping in it’s great to have a selection of different food to go to. Here’s a few ideas that we love as a family.

Easter Breakfast Recipes

Carrot cake waffles for Easter morning breakfast

Easter morning starts with some Carrot Cake Waffles – these are delicious and a firm favourite with the kids. They love the combination of flavours and it’s a great way to get a little vegetable into them on what can be a chocolate filled day.

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Easter Brunch Recipes

classic devilled eggs a delicious easter brunch recipe
close up of a plate of bella button mushrooms stuffed with pizza sauce and pepperoni topped with melted mozzarella cheese
egg salad recipe for Easter appetizers and brunch

Easter Cupcakes

cute cupcakes with a orange candy coated strawberry for a carrot stuck in chocolate buttercream frosting with a sprinkle of chocolate cookie crumbs to look like a carrot patch ideal for easter parties and treats
Simnel cupcake on a table with dried cranberries around the base

Carrot patch cupcakes are a simple and easy treat for Easter that even picky easter bunnies will enjoy!

How about enjoying one of the classic cakes of Easter but in a cupcake form and bake some of these amazing Simnel Cupcakes?

Easter Cookies

6 pink glazed sugar cookies with round sugar ball sprinkles on a wire wrack hardening

Simple and easy to make these no-chill almond sugar cookies with a quick glaze look so pretty as decorated Easter Eggs.

Easter Cakes

A square of Easter cake on a plate. The cake is topped with chocolate buttercream frosting and 3 mini eggs, you can see decorated easter eggs around the plate.
Delicious Easter Blondie bars with chocolate chips and Cadbury's mini-Eggs

Another easy recipe and one that I love to make with the kids beside me are our Easter Cake Bars with a Chocolate Buttercream icing. The rainbow sprinkles are perfect inside the sponge cake and adding some mini eggs to the top just finishes it off.

Not sure whether you could class Blondies as a cake or dessert, but I’m saying that they are cakes here! These mini egg blondies are so easy and simple to make and taste delicious a not to be missed recipe that the whole family will enjoy.

Easter Bread and Bakery Items

A round Easter bread with dyed eggs baked in on a wooden chopping board with a colourful spring fabric underneath

Easter bread is colourful and delicious, a traditional bread from the Mediterrean the dyed eggs are baked inside the enriched dough. Our Easter Bread recipe is easy as the hard work is taken out by using the bread machine to make the dough!

12 delicious different hot cross bun recipes for easter baking

Easter wouldn’t be Easter without hot cross buns and these dozen recipes for hot cross buns have some traditional flavours with some other not-so-traditional ones and include my favourite Mary Berry Hot Cross Bun recipe that I reach for every single year!

Easter Desserts

slice of easter cheesecake with mini eggs on top on a plate with easter eggs around

Cheesecake is good any time of the year but this Easter Cheesecake with mini eggs is delicious and perfect for your family Easter meal.

4 Meringue nests on a white plate the nests are filled with a cream cheese frosting and topped with cadbury mini-eggs and a sprinkle of grated chocolate

Whether you call these Easter Meringue Nests or Easter mini egg Pavalovas these simple homemade meringue treats are ideal for Easter.

Pinterest Image for Easter Recipes for Families showing a simple cake bar you can make as an Easter Treat

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